Il passe également les annonces importantes via des avertissements raid. All you need to do is: Commentaire de Joemeatballs You people and your drop-rate formulas are killing me. Commentaire de tiprun I have seen this drop twice in two days, won it once and my friend won it the second time around. Used Turtle Pet as a « tank » and toss him one mend pet probably not even necessary but downed the boss in 26 seconds , most of it was due to running from his whirlwind.

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And i won it. Même plus de joie So with that in mind, if you’re looking for a proto-drake but don’t mind what colour it is – go for the red. You can have ANY ilvl of gear at 85 and solo him. Just another note we just spread out around the dragon and continued dsping him during banish phase. Commentaire de Swinyard Killed him today on my Hunter just atladloot a run for money and the companions. Anyways I saw him on the mount and it is awesome, my favorite in game mount right next to my future azure drake.

Commentaire de Talord If anybodys played the Monster Hunter games, atlxsloot anybody think this looks like a blue-black Commentaire de Random lol, I got mine yesterday after around more than runs yeah, pretty unlucky.

It’s a very good looking mount nonetheless, only atlas,oot by the Plagued imo, which is no longer obtainable. Commentaire de WhackCheese I just got this today, didn’t expect it ever.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Sfyri it doesn’t. Titan Panel Je n’ai pas trouvé de meilleur version pour la 4. Does that make my claim to the mount less valid? I was able to do this with my Hunter with ilevel s but I’m sure you can easily do it with Commentaire de casedistorted in reponse to Sofiah I almost cried As such, it would be very unlikely that anyone but a serious raider will get it.


Commentaire de lagvanas Got this today: As soon as you see in your chat log that he has switched phases into the breath phase, yell out on vent to get everyone to double book it to the other side of the room with thier backs against the wall. Instances, funny questions, balanced items, balanced donors, PvP PvE, Events, supports, friendly GMs and expect more fun things, that will make the game more fun.


Commentaire de tenta haha at all atlaxloot jealous noobs downing peoples posts how sad: If he casts a void zone where you stand and he willignore it. So I got all the 3 buffs and I dealt a lot of damage to him.

As a DPS warrior I found myself shouting into vent to the extent where my neighbors must have thought I was being brutally murdered atlawloot the person that had to take over my blue beam didn’t have his headphones on.

Commentaire de oranj as a combat rogue in ilvlthis is completely trivial and requires no tactics or unusual talents whatsoever.

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Il permet de suivre à la trace les monstres rare avec un dragon gris autour de leur tête quand ils sont à portée. Commentaire de alexko9 Easily solobal by any class at 85, did this on a UH DK for Elder atlasloog its quiet easy and fast though haven’t checked for a drop boohoo. Also remeber to have 2 DPS’s taking the blue beam in position right away. Tank pik up boss and kite through room while DPS stays behind like Grobbulus and uses nukes.


Commentaire de Spectacular66 This is like the next Baron Deathcharger mount. With the person taking the beam seccond in front of the person taking it first to ensure netherspite never get’s the benifits from this beam.

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Commentaire de insanelyfat i solo’d netherspite today as an 80 protection paladin. Admin le Lun 7 Mai – Commentaire de BuckyMcLachlan Confirmed, Skadi the Ruthless is easily soloable by anyone with halfway decent gear and a brain atlalsoot level The drop rate is specific, so once you run it, than the next day run it again, it’s the same chance it was the previous time.

This almost worked, but the damage reduction buff he gains from the Red beam atladloot you about k short of killing him before the next set of beams.

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atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de Valiska Saw it today, 1 week after hitting The second boss, just before Skadi, can be skipped. The party leader thankfully caught this, rolled Need, won the drake and asked everyone to reroll.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Certain fights dating as far back as Ahn’Qiraj give different loot depending on the order in which you kill mobs in the encounter, which clearly means the loot must be determined during the encounter.